Problems installing Morrowind GOTY

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I am trying to install the Morrowind GOTY but I am having a problem. I install Morrowind, then Tribunal (and the Tribunal patch) then Bloodmoon (and the Bloodmon patch). I put the Morrowind disc back in and activate the data files, but when I boot up the game it says "Failed to load snowflake: Meshes\BM_Snow_01.nif." I uninstalled and reinstalled everything, but no luck. I have an older copy of Morrowind, but then the GOTY editions of Bloodmoon and Tribunal because I lost the Morrowind disc that came with it. What's going on?

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Are there scratches on the cd???If so just pick up all 3 again on steam for cheap..Picked it up for 10 bucks..

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You need to completely uninstall the entire game and install it again. The GOTY version of the game is already patched with the most recent patch which is the Bloodmoon 1.6.1820 one. Also make sure you install Morrowind, then Tribunal, and finally Bloodmoon in that order or you will get other errors.

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The disk is not scratched and I did install in that order. I guess I'll try again and leave out the patches this time.
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I tried uninstalling and reinstalling again without the patches and the same message popped up. Could it be that I'm using an original copy of Morrowind with GOTY editions of Bloodmoon and Tribunal?

Bloodmoon is definitely causing the problems. I installed Morrowind, and it worked. Then I installed Tribunal and it worked. Then I installed Bloodmoon annnndd...nothing. Same error message.

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That could definitely be part of the problem, I don't have any experience with non-GOTY versions of the game. Are you using Windows 7?

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Yeah I'm running Windows 7. The GOTY/non GOTY thing has nothing to do with it, I don't think. Tribunal works fine, but as soon as I install Bloodmoon it stops working.
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Since you are running Windows 7, I suggest you take a look at this thread which details some of the problems and solutions for running Morrowind on Windows 7.

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Thanks, that really helped. Basically it's a problem with Windows 7. I have to manually install everything.

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It definitely can be a bit tricky to get Morrowind working on Windows 7, but it's worth it.