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Just did a new DayZ video. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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Well linking doesn't work for some reason, so I'll just add some first parts of my series here :D

Metal Gear Rising: Revengenace:

Saint's Row 4: co-op:

Knock knock:

Brothers: A tale of two sons:


Wolf among us (Episode 1):

Remember me:

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My Defiance Completed Playlist

Random black ops 2 Weapon guides old videos,

Black ops 1 Road to 10th prestige so far First prestige reached ,

I got banned on xboxlive on my original game tag back in 2010

So I made a new gametag just before mw3 So far I have " Mw3 10th" "black ops 2 10th" Cod Ghost 10th xbox one/xbox360"

Now I just need to go back and get these "black op 1" "Cod4" "Cod4mw" again. so I'm starting with black ops 1

My COD4 Somewhat series

Splinter cell blacklist

Donkey Kong Country/ Nintendo games

GTA 5 I stoped uploading at 28 parts I beat the game but, I had like other 130 parts to upload so I, just deleted them lol

Cod black ops 2 search and Destroy

Cod Ghost Search and Rescue

Cod ghost Xbox one Campaign Complete

path of Exile

with this playlist I'm going to run each run gun in all of the call of duty games and record a game with each gun and upload them in random order,

Some random videos tuns of Good Content I upload, that get shoved to the side -_-

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Doing a Let's Play for Stalker: Call of Pripyat. Trying to do it similar to a machinima called Freeman's Mind(I suggest you go look it up)

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Video embedding is fixed!

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Check Me Out!

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It's not an actual gameplay video, but a parody of a game, with script and all, but hey, it's close enough, right?

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L.A Noire - 4xSGSSAA

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Might and Magic X - Legacy

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Here's a stunt game called Turbo Dismount I played the other day:

I also beat this great arcade scroller called Bear Surfin Mega Wave:

Subscribe with one click with this link!

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Battlefield 4 antiair montage

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I encountered what I am calling-- The Spaghetti Whisperer-- In DayZ

If this isn't showing up; Can someone tell me why? I'm using the new embed code for HTML.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Because sniping is what all the cool people do, right?

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Hey guys, I've been playing some #DayZ lately and have made some funny videos, which you can check out here.

DayZ Standalone - 12 Seconds A Slave

Well that didn't go as I thought it would.

SYNOPSIS: In my travels, I come across a slaver transporting a man in cuffs. Should I avoid them or jump in for the rescue? #12SecondsASlave

DayZ Standalone - The Pants Bandit

Meet the "Pants Bandit".

SYNOPSIS: There is a bandit in our midst. Watch as I venture through the country side with someone I just met, as we cross paths with a mysterious creepy mute. One of us is the Pant Bandit. One of us will perish. And the other will have his pants stripped from his body. But who?

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yo! I made a music video for a badass dubstep-synth track by popular artist Unleax, check it out (you can skip to the music via a link in the description, music starts soon after 1:30)

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I signed up on this site back in 2003...

Anyway, I make let's play videos primarily in Minecraft and am looking for an audience and/or feedback. The channel is

I have almost 200 uploads, but I'll embed the most recent episode of my main series.

Also, if anyone could suggest whether or not it's reasonable to make a thread for my channel I'd be very appreciative (assuming no one thinks my videos just plain suck, of course!).

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Awesome indie game, reminds me of God of War and The Witcher combined... with vampires, of course..

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This video is the newest in my series of Battlefield 4 wins compilations. I use text to give the game a funny theme instead of a serious one.

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Been playing Contrast lately, just dropping it here :3

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My first 4 Minutes of Titanfall Beta, Watch in 1080 if you can.

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This starbound series is the most fun I've had making videos so far and I think that comes through in fun for you! Enjoy!

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Hey guys,

Sou I started my own channel on english why have I said on english well it's bec I'm from Croatia and there is a different lang..... So with that said I'm sorry if you don't understand some words.

Anyway I hope you LIKE my first episode of Call of Duty Ghosts.

As always have a nice day ADIOS!

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Beasts of War have come to Rome II, take a look at my montage/highlight real to see what you can expect from the new dlc.

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TitanFall Beta

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Great thread this!

I have been making DayZ videos for about a month or so. Hugely enjoyable and frustrating in equal measure.