Post your gameplay videos - now with video Embedding

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Zombie RPG/action survival game, "how to survive" game play and first look

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YouTube is acting weird right now with uploaded videos...

I hate that they made it so you need at least a vertical resolution of 1728 to enable video quality above 1080p.

Decided to start uploading my YU-NO videos again.

This game has the best plot of any video game I have ever played and it just keeps getting better even at the Epilogue.

A wonderfully written script and all around superb voice acting for all characters.

I felt connected with a minor character you only meet for a brief period of time when most games cannot do that even when it's a character that sticks through the whole game.

I am starting to dread that I am getting close to finishing the game because there really isn't anything else out there like it.

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I played a bit of Tactical Intervention, it's like a bad Counter Strike Source clone where nothing works, I love it.

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Just a random race I did on DiRT 2

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bf4 beta montage

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Just a little Stunt Montage in GTA V :-)

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one montage and one vid

and one mini quake video

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Kerbal Space Program....I'm so good NASA should hire me! hahano...

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DSG clans last BF3 team montage! Turned out pretty nice

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Mini Medal of Honor review, please be gentle

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Medal Of Honor™ : Shahikot Valley "Rabbit" AFO Neptune (Walkthrough #4)

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Proteus™ On PS™ VITA™ : First Day/Night Cycle and Rain

Batman Arkham™ Origins Blackgate On PS™ VITA™ : Batman v/s Catwoman (Walkthrough #1)

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Here's some vids from my youtube channel!

Our group of guys are working on keeping the channel up to date with regular content. You can like, share, subscribe and even leave requests for games.

We'll be doin a giveaway for a few games on steam soon so please give us a look:

If you watched any of our videos, thank you for your support

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Medal Of Honor™ : Shahikot Valley SPC "Dante Adams" (Walkthrough #5)

Virtua Tennis 4™ On PS™ Vita™ : Created Player v/s Rafael Nadal and Juan Martín del Potro

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Proteus™ On PS™ VITA™ : The Circular Ruins and Changing Season(Spring-Summer)

Batman Arkham™ Origins Blackgate On PS™ VITA™ : Chasing Black Mask (Walkthrough #2)

CastleStorm™ : Protector Of The Realm

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Stasis alpha demo

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Batman Arkham™ Origins Blackgate On PS™ VITA™ : Following Black Mask (Walkthrough #3)

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Have a look guys, feel free to like/subscribe if you enjoy watching it! thanks!

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Batman Arkham™ Origins Blackgate On PS™ VITA™ : Batman v/s Solomon Grundy (Walkthrough #4)

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An old-school throwback with SWAT 4.

Maxed out Battlefield 4.

And running through the Call of Duty: Ghosts campaign.

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Medal Of Honor™ : Gun Fighter Apaches (Walkthrough #6)

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Reliving my childhood with WWE 2K14.

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@seanmcloughlin: @seanmcloughlin:

Hi guys,

Myself and a few others have started this new YouTube channel called tangomikegaming and our first videos are on battlefield 4. We are looking for feedback, things that you would like to see improved or if you like / dislike the videos. If you dislike them we would like to know why.

All of our content is in 1080p, and we don't plan on changing that. We would really appreciate if you checked it out but if you don't have the time, no worries. We are planning to do a playthrough of the campaign along side our multiplayer videos.



Links :

Youtube -


Twitter - @tangomikegaming

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Second episode pals! Scar-H review, have fun, drop a like and subscribe if you want!

peace out

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Medal Of Honor™ : Snipers "Deuce" (Walkthrough #7)

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Haunted Memories (had no idea what I was doing at first)

Another old-school trip down memory lane

Subscribe if you like. Trying to get new content up as much as possible.

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Blizzcon news about Reaper of Souls and some EF to identify, have a look lads!

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Life on the Repo Coaster is always intense. (Play back in full screen for best effect.)

I'm keeping this coaster handy. The one they've got for the Oculus Rift looks like a wussycoaster! I hope it works with Rollercoaster Tycoon 3!

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Watch me get angry with Unfair Mario.

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UNIT 13™ on PS™ VITA™ : Mission 19 - Operation Crazed Bullet(COVERT)

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Sean, your Alone playthrough was hilarious. XD

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This gameplay was recorded by using Shadowplay.

Defiance Gameplay

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rFactor RFT 2013 Lap at Austin Ferrari F138

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Counter Strike™ Global Offensive : Multiplayer Match

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Quick look at Bolt Riley: Reggae Adventure

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well, ran into my first hacker in COD:Ghosts today. First of many, i'm sure

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Just having some fun in skyrim :)

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Here's a little fun from back in the City of Heroes beta test of the new Architect feature where you got to make your own missions. Thing is, the buildings you do them in are HUGE. There's also a fairly rare event where Rikti spaceships would fly through the sky, zapping players and dropping Rikti invasion forces. Did anyone check to make sure those paths didn't intersect with any of the new buildings?

That'd be a "no."

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Some serious ninja stuff in here :

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A-Men™ 2 On PS™ VITA™ : Avalanche

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As long as I'm in a Tesslah mood...

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Assassins creed 4 black flag max settings.

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Over 75 hours recorded and still many hours left to go.