post apocalyptic kind of games?

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hi, guys!
to shorten the wait for fallout 3 i'm looking for some other post apocalyptic kind of survival themed games, just like the fallout series which i loved..i already played the fall - last days of gaia' which came pretty you have any suggestions about other games like these?i'm not too much into magic and deamons and that stuff, so games like hellgate: london aren't really for me, although i enjoyed playing oblivion because it was just a great deep game.. hope you get the idea;)
the games don't have to be new or something, i'm glad about every suggestion.

thanks upfront,martin
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Hmmm. STALKER maybe?
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huxley by end of year according Webzen or next year quite a post apocalaptic world
gear of war on 360 & Pc soon gear of war 2 on 360 Then a 3 & then a 4. it said to be endless saga =)
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but isn't gear of war more of a monster shooter?
i'm missing the item collecting/trading/bartering aspect in most of these games

stalker is one i will check out..

are any other?
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Restricted Area but I won't recommend it since it sucks.
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Stalker is the game you're looking for.
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Deus Ex is the best,

The world isnt HUGELY apocalyptic but more dystopian, where society is basically on its last legs and where only the rich and powerful will most likely survive.

Best ever game on the PC too imo.

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i played restricted area but it really really sucked.. it was just clickin' till the fingers start bleedin:D
deux ex.. i think i played the 2nd part and it was pretty cool.. mybe i'll check the first one out, too.
anything else that is not so much of a shooter like gears of war or maybe stalker (which i will check out anyway) and that is set in kind of a wasteland?
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The fall last days of gaia,metro 2033,FALLOUT 1/2(best Rpg played in my life),Hard truck apocalypse rise of clans and STALKER(Best Fps played in my life)BIOSHOCK series(more dystopian) i am a fan of post apocalyptic theme (games,movies,animes).try ps2 games because they have some serious stuff or at least different.
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Thank you for bumping an old, and very dead thread. Can't you read the date?
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That's the sort of attitude that will bring us to Logan's Run.