Please helpp!! last questions.. any help appreicated

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Hi, sorry about all the questions, I appreciate the answers but I just have 2 more questions before building my Gaming PC..

So I'm gonna be using a 37' HDTV with Game Mode on - just wondering will the GPU take a massive hit? I'm considering a GTX660/670 anyway but my brother tells me because on the screen size the GPU will really struggle?

Last one - on partioning to dual boot for Windows 7 32 bit + 64 bit, can this be done anytime or must it be done when the computer is first run to save loosing files half way through? thankkkkssss :)

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its not about screen size its about resolutions like say a 52"1080p would have less affect on a gpu than a 32" 1200 resolution

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No, the screen size will not make a difference in performance.

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As said above, it's resolution not size that matters, and since the highest tvs go is 1080p (unless you pay like 6 grand for 4k) you will be fine with a 660 or 670.