please help, cant play hellgate london :(

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I recently tried to play hellgate london (havent in a while) and whenever I try and play it gives me the error " this application does not have permission to run due to parental controls". I am the only one who uses this pc, i have never tampered with the parental controls, but I see that they are turned off.

any ideas would be greatly appreciated :(


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try running it as administrator.
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I tried that, still gave me the same error, I also tried running it in the xp mode...still didnt work

any other ideas :)

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Can't play Hellgate: London? How is that a problem? ;)
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I haven't messed with parental controls on Vista, but seems really odd that it would just become enabled, or try to prevent you from playing. If it isn't set on that user account then I am not sure why you are getting that.

And Johnny_Rock: Hellgate London can be a lot of fun it just wasn't meant to be power played like an MMO but the lame content release model makes people feel that they should to justify the cost. Anyway, a lot more fun than all the rehashed FPS games that come out these days.

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hi, my pc have the same problem, and i fixed it by run the game from the MP folder, not the game main folder or SP folder, they will not work and keep give you the same error popup.
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There must be some kind of setting that controls the parental access. Try to find it and see if you can alter it.

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My understanding was that the game could not be played by anyone once they shut the servers down a couple years back. Hellgate required an "always on" internet connection, and without the servers you can't even play single-player. I haven't tried since they were shut down, so I'm not speaking from direct experience. But I recall it made quite a stink when it was announced.