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Hello all,

I would like to thank all of you for the threads you have posted. They have helped me so much with my computer problems in the past. Sadly I regret to say that my beloved old desktop of 4 years is finally dieing on me, and I feel it is time to put the old girl to rest.

Now is the time to find a new rig. I would build one myself, however, I am unable to with my current job in the United States Air Force. Since I am a knot on a log when it come to computers I would like your help.

What I'm asking is for someone to help me find a setup that can be upgradeable later on for about $1000-$1200. This system has to be able to run Flight Simulator X on max settings, whilst live streaming. I understand that this may be alot to ask of such a cheap build, yet I believe the intelligence on this site can sort out any problem.


A.K.A. Ryan Stepp

P,S, Thank you all for the ongoing support.

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Honestly I would buy parts and have a computer guy from a local computer shop build it for you for 50 bucks. You'll get a much better system, for cheaper.

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@toughbandit2424 enjoy =)

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This setup will be able to max just about any game.