Planning to upgrade from MSI N770 TF ----> Asus GTX780.

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Well guys, I'm planning to upgrade my GPU. I currently have the MSI N770 but is I actually want the GTX780. So will there be a performance boost? I play games at 1920 x 1080. I was totally dissapointed when I maxed out Far Cry 3. I can't play this optimal.

the sys specs:

ntel Core i5 4670K,MSI Z87M-G43, Crucial Tactical Tracer 8GB DDR3-1600 CL8 kit, MSI N770 TF 2GD5/OC

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"Will there be a performance boost?" You ask this when going from a 770 to a 780? I would imagine there would be some significant issues at Nvidia if there were no improvement from a 770 to a 780. Sorry, just seems like an odd question.

Will there be a performance boost that makes it worth it? Now that depends. I would wager that the answer would be yes. However, FC3 "maxed out" is quite the challenge for almost any system to remain at 60fps (or better) near 100% of the time. I run dual GTX 780s and even then its not 100%, nor should it be. All depends on what is acceptable according to you.

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Here you go

So is it worth it at 1080 to me nope for 20% average increase in performance

Also even with a GTX 780 it cant even make 60 fps average with max settings with 4x AA

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Farcry 3 is tough to max out at 1080p and maintain 60fps at all times especially if if you want to use MSAA and the more you use the more demanding it gets. I personally only use 2xMSAA and my overclocked crossfired 7950 still have trouble with not dipping below 60fps at times and there more powerful then a stock clock titan.

I would personally not upgrade to a gtx 780 not enough of a performance boost imo wait for the GTX 800 series to come out for truly worthwhile upgrade but its your money so do what you want.

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.....On a side note, for me, going max settings with AA off entirely has always yielded great results. At 1080 and above (I play at 25x16), I have never really seen the need for AA in most cases anyway. generally shutting AA down can bring large performance gains.

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SLI would be smarter

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Far Cry 3 is interesting, many settings seem to ruin performance without making it look that much better. Experiment a bit and I'm sure you will find the right balance.

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a ~20% increase is not worth it

OC your card and wait for the 800 series later this year.

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20% performance boost is what you'll get from this upgrade; save your money, buy ASRock Fatal1ty MOBO and add another 770 in SLI.

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Well keeping in mind you can still get decent money if you sell that 770, I'd say that while a 780 is a great card is normally worth the money, the benefits of doing so are only going to be worth it if you *really* think you need extra power.

Not being able to max Far Cry 3 isn't a big deal. It still looks fine with a few settings turned down and isn't the most optimized game out there, so don't think that's the max visuals your card is capable of.

Basically, are you *really* that unhappy with your 770? Can you honestly not wait for the 870/880 or AMD 380/390?

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Yes you are right these games like FC3 and AC4: Black Flag are not optimized for the PC. As I have BF4 and I can max out this game easy. So maybe I'll stick with the 770 and wait for the 800 series. Thanks!