Planetside 2 Patches in New Continent + Victory Conditions

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Link to patch notes.


  • 4th continent, Hossin released
    • Hossin is not 100% completed but instead of waiting another few months to complete every single one of the 80 bases and then spend another 2-3 months to rework bases that weren't the greatest, they've decided to launch it live, observe how well the bases work, how players interact with the bases, and then finish and adjust all of them.
  • Ability to lock continents when one faction owns 94% of the territory.
    • First real victory condition. Continent provides a 50% (up from only 10%) reduction to the cost of a certain class of vehicle or a 25% XP boost to the faction that wins. Nobody can capture bases on a continent after one has been locked. Can only be unlocked when another continent is locked.
  • Outfit base capture
    • Outtfit emblems are now displayed over bases that have been captured by the outfit. In the future they will also provide bonuses to the outfit members at the bases the outfit help capture.
  • Outfit recruitment tool.
    • You can now browse and join Outfits through a special menu. Useful for new players to find a group of people to play with.
  • Lots of little bug fixes and tweaks.

Overall pretty solid patch. A few bugs here and there that should be ironed out in a patch tomorrow, but the game is far from unplayable.

If you haven't logged into Planetside 2 for awhile I suggest you check it out, find an outfit with the tool, and get playing.

Welcome to Hossin solider.

This summer we still have a new aircraft to look forward too as well as improvements to a lot of the weapon balancing, some new weapons, and further improvements to all four continents. Eventually we'll see the continental lattice which links all 4 continents + 3 battle islands together in a meaningful way where all of the content is now connected. That is hopefully coming before the end of the year.

Also before the end of the year they should be working on the resource revamp which will introduce some light RTS resource elements into the game. You can now run supplies to the front line or out siege your opponent instead of just killing them all and capturing the point. It will also allow people to play a defined role longer and increase the penalty of losing a vehicle or wasting explosives as now you're going to be taking resources from your entire faction in the area which can weaken your overall position. In other words some real metagame is coming.

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FINALLY! Looks like it's a good time to get back to the game. :D

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been thinking about getting back into this since they have had performance patches and now this, I guess I'll start the agonizing process of updating

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Awesome. May have to see about putting together a Gamespot outfit.

Maybe even get a game night sorted out.

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Just installed 3gb of patches last night. Looks like another 1.5 gb now. I'm hoping to play a little tonight! This is definitely one of my favorite games.

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Omg finally, I was beginning to think Hossin will never come out. Looks like a nice update overall. Haven't played the game in a while but it looks like now is the right time to check it out again.

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Is this worth downloading? Heard it was a pay to win fest

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@equanox214 said:

Is this worth downloading? Heard it was a pay to win fest

you can pay money for upgraded weapons and gear but you can just as easily earn points to buy them in game. It's very team based and unlike any other multiplayer FPS on the market. There is a definite learning curve as you figure out the mechanics of the game but you certainly don't have to pay to have fun. When there are hundreds of people shooting at one another not amount of cash is going to give an advantage to either side. It's an incredibly fun experience you should definitely download it.

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So far I'm loving it

Liberty or Death!

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i need to reinstall and try this new patch out

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Time to update!

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Reinstalling now!

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Eh, since it is available on Steam now I might give it a second shot. I played when it first released and wasn't too impressed, but I have been bored lately and need a new shooter to play. Plus I just looked and you can get a bunch of bonus junk for half-off this week on the Steam sale to make starting over a bit easier.

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Its worth it. Since BF4 shit the bed, PS2 has been satisfying my online FPS urge. Hossin is pretty damn fun.

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Man, I must be getting old. Gave it another try and lasted 4 hours before uninstalling it out of frustration. I just can't do games with such a heavy emphasis on vehicles. I don't enjoy the vehicle combat and getting killed by a vehicle while playing infantry absolutely gets my blood boiling. Not to mention the huge equipment gap. I always die in 2-3 shots tops on anything but heavy, but everyone I shoot is like a bullet sponge. Oh well, guess I'll have to find something else to play.