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#1 Posted by Ryuk-Shinigami (630 posts) -
Im looking for some good games that arnt online base. The newer the game the better but over all old games are also good. So basicly im looking for a good offline playable game.
#2 Posted by foxhound_fox (89436 posts) -
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. Superb single player experience.
#3 Posted by Franko_3 (5728 posts) -
you will have to give us more info (comp spec, genre you like), because you will receive 100 differents answers
#4 Posted by Serial-No_3404 (2876 posts) -
rise of nations has a great single player...morrowind...simcity
#5 Posted by SaintJimmmy (2815 posts) -
The Halflife series and for kicks get gmod with it
#6 Posted by Platearmor_6 (2817 posts) -
Crysis is pretty damn good and has alot of replayability but the singleplayer is quite short without any replays and it can be a bit of a resource hog.
#7 Posted by fireandcloud (5118 posts) -
i'm playing crysis at the moment. it's great!
#8 Posted by om3ga_storm (402 posts) -

i guess single player RPGs like the witcher, neverwinter nights 2 would be ideal.

#9 Posted by Wasdie (50279 posts) -
Stalker, FEAR, Half-Life, CoD 1 and 2, World in Conflict (amazing story), Homeworld and Homeworld 2, Oblivion, Mount and Blade.
#10 Posted by whitey_rolls (2501 posts) -
I just finished the witchers demo, i had always planned on getting the enhanced version before i actually played it, but the demo was really good and i want to play more ... so i'd say try the witcher looks quite good
#11 Posted by Ryuk-Shinigami (630 posts) -

i think ill try half life. I hear its on sale along with portal

#12 Posted by thusaha (14495 posts) -

i think ill try half life. I hear its on sale along with portal

Then get The Orange Box.
#13 Posted by fireandcloud (5118 posts) -

i think ill try half life. I hear its on sale along with portal


you do know that you need internet connection initially, right? just letting you know in case you don't have internet connection (or even slow connection).

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Hi Guys, I think you should try kings of the club. It's a very interesting game.It's a a fun and engaging trick-based action puzzle game.The game has 96 levels, including 10 multi-level challenges, plus bonus areas, and offers hours of game play and a host of gadgets.

#15 Posted by Timberwolf5578 (311 posts) -

Divine Divinity, The Witcher, Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer

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Hey..I was wondering what you think of these games..offline.. 1.left for dead. 2.far cry 2 3. crysis I want to buy a new game fo rmy pc I have never really planin games on it only my ps3....& if anyone needs help on fallout 3 send me a message I promise you I wil find you an awnser..But anyways..Please give me some awnsers I want to buy the game today...thanks...
#17 Posted by manos019 (1 posts) -
the FALLOUT NEW VEGAS or the FALLOUT 3 also you can play JUST CAUSE 2
#18 Posted by ionusX (25716 posts) -

dawn of war: dark crusade

stalker: call of pripyat

metro 2033

super meat boy

a reckless disregard for gravity

batman: arkham asylum


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Guys this thread is 3 years old - let it die.

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Guys this thread is 3 years old - let it die.

No way! Keep it going, everyone. I'm going to be with sporadic internet soon, and it's a pain in the ass trying to find games to play. Even D3, which I was crazy excited about, will require a continuous interenet connection..... I'm thinking of pulling out Myst.