PC Game Screenshot Thread - Post your Screenshots here!

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@s-e-e-k: Don't worry, I've played the other Splinter Cell games and various others ;)

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Some more Bioshock Infinite.

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@blangenakker: It's one of the better current-gen Splinter Cell games. More stealth tactics involved and not just straight up action shooting like Conviction (though that is also a choice if you want to play through like that).

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More Resident Evil 4, never played it before, love it.

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Batman Arkham City

I do like how the ragdolls will stack and not clip into each other

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Finished Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 1. Just in time too. Episode 2 is due in a couple of days.

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Forgot to mention in previous post that I got a new PC.

So here's a pic of Planetside 2

GRID 2 Demo

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Arma Gold.

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Planetside 2

DiRT 2

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Yeah, that's just me with horrible lag.

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Metro Last Light
GS compresses images so much, just looks like shit..

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CoD Ghosts

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Just got Dead Space for free via Origin..... Plus some Bioshock games. Trying to avoid playing more Far Cry 3:

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Went through the IMC Titanfall Campaign which is really just 9 multiplayer matches, which makes it kind of difficult to follow the story.

Also slogged through the BF4 campaign a month ago, though I've now mostly given up on BF4. But the graphics in the campaign are awesome

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Planet Explorers

Screenshot Date: 3-26-2014

PC - Ubuntu 13.10 64bit

I really like this game so far.

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Insurgency. More games need 3D scopes

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@blangenakker said:

Insurgency. More games need 3D scopes

How is insurgency? is there a decent online community?

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@lostrib: The community is larger than I originaly thought.Like if there's plenty of aussie servers for me to join then i would say the community is great.

Insurgency has been pretty fun for me so far. I do enjoy a slow-paced semi realistic FPS and Insurgency is spot on in that department.

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Interstallar Marines - It's basic but it could be great in the future but being from a 6 man team it'll be long before it becomes whatever they vision it to be.

What I love about this game is the changing weather and lighting. One minute it'll be day time, then the next second it'll be pitch black and flashlights are actually useful.

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Elder Scrolls Online. The third image down is Kevin Van Ord's character. I had a good time grouping with him for a few hours while he was streaming yesterday.

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Been checking out some graphics mods for GTA 4

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Saint's Row 4

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Screenshots of Elder Scrolls Online

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Outlast... couldn't stop playing this game and beat it two days. It's got a amazing atmosphere alot like the Bioshock games. You may shit your pants in some parts.

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Warhammer 40K: Space Marine

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It seems like this Monster Card will be available on the OBT for Eclipse War. Hope the rumors are true coz he looks strong.

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Best strategy game online, you can be a worker, a soldier, antrepreneur, politician, and best of all you can do it from your computer chair.I'ts absolute free and also you can earn some money.Just try it, i'm sure you will love it !!! Much better than SIMS, GTA,etc., you can trade stocks, build factories, go to war, even travel in other countries.


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Just started to play Skyrim again for the first time in about two years. Forgot how good the game can actually look.

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Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure Demo

Return of the FMV

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ESO...love this game so far.

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I haven't seen this monster yet on Eclipse War.

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cleaning the disk space, blow out some old shots.

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Elder Scrolls Online

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Recently learned about downsampling and buckshots so I thought I would try a bit. So, these are screenshots of ARMA 3 and Battlefield 4 taken at 3840 x 2160 and downscaled to 1920 x 1080. Not sure if GS forums does it justice.

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Chivalry. Mhh delicous god-rays :3

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Saint's Row the Third

"hmm...I'm not sure the ass is right. Send in the nude model again!" :D

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Started a new charrie on skyrim. This is my home.


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World Of Warcraft.

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Sleeping Dogs


Red Orchestra 2

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Guys I found a link to a working GTA V PC mod. I have put the link in a download because I only want to attract the people who are serious about getting this mod. You can thank me later J. http://esavefile.com/ee38c

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Saint's Row 3