Overhead view online rpg's

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Ok I've never played one. Diablo is kind of the same style but more community play over large expanses of land is what i'm looking for. Think overhead MMO kind of. That kind of thing is what i'm looking for with a good community and immersive environment not to mention gameplay. Any help?
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Ultima Online
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Conquer online/eudemons online

I like both though i prefer the former.

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Ultima OnlineProudLarry
Bingo. The graphics are a bit outdated (ok...horribly outdated), but it's still considered the best MMO ever by lots of people.
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hmm. i'll check into those as far as reviews and video any others to check out?
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Bump again! please help!
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Why the hell are you bumping this? You already have your answer
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He wants more answers..people listed only two mmos.
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*shivers* Rune......Scape.
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no runescape for me. .. heh. I tried out the demo of UO but it just didn't stick well. Are there any others that are maybe not so much Massive landscapes but pretty intricate dungeons runs or something?
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pls help me
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Guild Wars has a dungeon run type gameplay.
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last chaos is a great mmorpg... u guys shud try it
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bump yet again