openAL32.dll not found when starting 3dmark06??

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every time i try to open my 3dmark06 i get the error message: This application has failed to start becuase openAL32.dll was not found. Re- installing the application my fix this problem.

i am running vista 64 bit.

what can i do to solve this problem??

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anyone have a idea?

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has anyone seen this before??
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look here -->
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Just download the dll file in admin mode... and done.

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I had the same problem before, and I just googled OpenAL32 and downloaded the software from the website (its from creative, I believe.)
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Man, I tried all suggest fixes and none worked. So I fixed it myself.

I remembered in older versions of windows that there was a "system" folder that today in win7 is called "system32". Well, I went to c:\windows\system32 and copied OpenAL32.dll and pasted it to a completely empty folder called "system" that just comes before system32.

I then clicked open 3DMark06.exe and it ran perfectly.

It is strange that the OpenALdill file that I pasted there is the only file in this system folder. But hey dude, 3DMark06 now runs great