Online trolls reveales as manipulative psychopaths

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Was reading this in the news paper today.

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Yeah this is totally a level-headed and reasonable article with no slant or agenda. 337 words and it used "sadist" or a derivative six times. Talk about positive reinforcement.

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Generally, I put stuff like North Korea, rapists, murderers and pedophiles slightly above the "teenagers says something on the internet" scale on the axis of evil list.

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I do think there's some truth to the article.

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I picture it more like a naughty 9 year old seeking attention.... this article is ridiculously over the top.

that being said, there are different levels of "trolling" maybe its refering purely to the really bad cases of trolling? (E.G bullying, harrasing, death threats)

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Everyone on the Internet is deemed a psychopath. There's no way for me to actually give a shit about people on this thing.

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For an actual discussion

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@JigglyWiggly_ said:

For an actual discussion


>actual discussion

choose one.