Online Games or Normal Mode Games???

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#1 Posted by rollerhero (118 posts) -
Hey guys... do you prefer online games or normal games???
#2 Posted by Praline1 (12 posts) -

Normal games. I hate the monthly fees because the add up to the $100's rapidly, and what do I have to show for it, really? Not to mention, I play games to get -away- from humanity.


#3 Posted by guylapierre (697 posts) -
I like both but I'm mostly playing FEAR online at the moment.
#4 Posted by Cash_Wolf (545 posts) -

Online games, there are free ones too (Runescape) and other ones where you have to pay (FFXI and WOW).

#5 Posted by pwilletts (881 posts) -
Online FPS's are my favorite.
#6 Posted by rollerhero (118 posts) -
yeah, i like online games too...
#7 Posted by Doom_HellKnight (12203 posts) -
Online First Person Shooters take the cake. For me at least.