Oblivion game saves

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I just bought Oblivion and Installed it, played it for awhile. Then i transfered the whole game to my ipod so i can run it off there(dont ask). it runs fine but it doesnt recognize any of the saved games i transfered over with it. Can someone help? thanks

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first off; Holy crap, sweet, you play it on your ipod? Nice.. Anyway, it might not reconize your saved games for a few different reasons. Maby it's because you put them in the wrong place. maby you can't use those files on your ipod. It could be almost anything. I suggest you try doing a couple different things, like starting a new game on your ipod, then save right away and try running that same save on your PC. I personally have no idea what the problem could be, but it's best just to try some basic trobleshooting. Hope this helped~
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That's amazing. How many gbs does your iPod have? To be honest, I know nothing about iPods other than they can play media files and that they are made by Apple.
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no, i think he ment that he plays it another PC, uses the Ipod as a hard drive....or am i mistaken from what i read and what other people. i think the saves are in the wrong place.
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That's cuz the saves should be in "My Documents" I believe. It's looking for them there... and you moved 'em. 'Doh!