Oblivion Best Video Settings?

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#1 Posted by Ilya_basic (73 posts) -

I want to play Oblivion at the highest video setting possible.  But I'm not sure which produces better graphics, their HDR setting, which I don't even know what it is or ever heard of such a setting for other games, or thier 8x antilising w/ a few other settings that aren't allowed while HDR is on.

#2 Posted by borris_1 (7181 posts) -

HDR = High Dynamic Range

It's realistic lighting, basically. Really adds a lot, I went with HDR. That said though, I didn't try the other settings for very long. 

#3 Posted by Chris_53 (5135 posts) -

HDR adds a lot of realism, but i prefer AA becasue i dont like my image to look too jaggy

#4 Posted by proteKYFM (272 posts) -
HDR definitely brings the game alive, highly recommend you turn it on if your GPU can handle it.
#5 Posted by r3351925 (1728 posts) -
HDR, for ati ppl, HDR+8xaa, for nvidia 8 HDR+16AA
#6 Posted by l-_-l (6718 posts) -
Best settings to me is max everything, but I also have a 8800GTS 640MB card, 2 GB gaming memory, and a intel core 2 duo e6600.
#7 Posted by Baselerd (5104 posts) -
I hate having to choose between HDR and AA :-S
#8 Posted by nohnaimer (513 posts) -
well try both, see what looks the best to you. if you can't tell the different between the two, than doesn't really matter which one you chose.