Obduction: The sucessor of Myst by Cyan on Kickstarter!

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The Kickstarter Project for Obduction went up yesterday with a goal of 1.1M and already has over 250k in less than 24h.

RPS Article

Obduction official website

Personally I´m really excited about this,Myst is one of my favourite series of all time and I´ve been longing for a new game in the same vein by Cyan,still debating on how much I should pledge though.

Any of you interested in Obduction? Thinking about backing the project yourself? Or isn´t Myst and all games in that vein really your thing?

The artstyle looks fantastic,so far no gameplay yet to show but if it´s anything like Cyan´s old work I think we can rest assured that it will at the very least look amazing and have pretty chalenging and involving puzzles in addition to a pretty good story.

Some screenies:

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Really exciting news,I always enjoyed the Myst games even though they were a bit too hard for me to figure some of the puzzles out sometimes. Looks like they´re gonna make their goal just fine so that´s great.

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I was fan of Riven and Myst since the old days before I even had a gaming PC haha. I'll definitely back this.

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I wonder why Gamespot doesn't have a game page for Obduction yet. Neither a whisper in the news even. I'm sure the developers could use the visibility.

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Myst 4 was the pinnacle of the series for me.. beautiful world with good solid puzzles... THanks for the heads up, I will back it up. hoping its like myst 4 and that shite pot myst 5

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Definitely backed it! I really want this to happen. The early artwork looks incredible (I pledged to get the Art of Obduction book because I want more images to drool over), and it's nice to support an ambitious project from the old indie game makers again. They still need a lot more contributions to make this happen!