Nvidia Geforce GTX games.

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My friend got the Assassins Creed IV and Splinters Cell Blacklist codes for buying a new Nvidia card and wants to sell the games to me. Before I by them though I want to know what digital platform they unlock on,if any, by no where on the card does it say and I can't find the answer. Does anyone know?

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obviously for pc

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No I mean just the code unlock the games on steam, uplay, something else? uplay would make the most sense since both are ubisoft games, but I want to make sure.

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The code is through Uplay

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ok good to know, thanks.

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you have to go to nvidia's site get the codes then log into uplay and add one game at a time put in promo code price will become zero and purchase.

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i didnt mean to come off like a ****