Noticeable difference between PCI-E 2.0 and 3.0?

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#1 Posted by _SKatEDiRt_ (2620 posts) -

am i bottlenecking my system? havent been in the hang of things for a couple years

already did some googling around and i want to know what you all think!

#2 Posted by C_Rule (9812 posts) -
GTX 570 is a PCI-E 2 card.
#3 Posted by darksusperia (6943 posts) -
pci-e 2.0 isn't fully saturated yet so no, there is no discernible difference as yet.
#4 Posted by Horgen (110863 posts) -
No difference we can notice yet. Maybe we will notice some with the 880 and 8970, but doubtful.