None of my Steam games will work

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#1 Posted by Vilot_Hero (4522 posts) -

Whenever I try to open a Steam game, It will crash randomly with no error or give an error saying "Cannot find D3D device"(Something along those lines). Can anyone give me some tips?

Specs: AMD Athlon 3200+

ATI Sapphire X1600 Pro

2GB ram

XP Pro SP2

All my drivers and DirectX are updated and I just did a virus scan.

#2 Posted by EvilDude456 (82 posts) -
what's your ghz? Is all your software up todate.
#3 Posted by ufopuller (6036 posts) -

I hate that whole system of VALVe or Steam

#4 Posted by Rambo_Smurf (16 posts) -
Logout/login on steam (not restart of computer) usualy resolves hicups.
#5 Posted by waza000 (1906 posts) -
RESTART STEAM .... come on, that is the basic