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#1 Posted by vinspire2k (1 posts) -
PC NFS MOSTWANTED - every time i run the game and while QUIT it tells that unsaved changes will be lost. But i have give option as AUTOSAVE ON. I dont find anywhere the save menu option. How to save the game manually and while Quiting save the game?
#2 Posted by crazymonkey092 (974 posts) -
Actually it always says that. Basically it will AutoSave after every race or when your done with getting chased by the police. So you should be pretty much saved. I havent seen much of a difference with manual save vs AutoSave. Other than the obvious of having to manually save after each race/police chase. However, when your in the Resume to Free Roam, Black-List, etc menu. Just keep going all the way to the right and you should see a save button. From main menu(Career>Resume Career>scroll to the right and Save.)