New Unreal Tournament.

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When asked on twitter if UT was coming back, vice president of EPIC games Mark Rein had this to say:

"<-Yes UT coming back!"

Link here. Lets hope they learned from their mistakes with UT3.

Also the original creator of the UT2k4 death match map "Runoff" has remade the map in UE4 and posted a Video on Youtube, it could be related tot he tweet.

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I really hate twitter....

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Twitch shooters are not as popular as they once were. If everyone can't have low ping servers with a very steady amount of players 24/7...preferably without the stupid bots, then what is the point?

Also, the water effects in UE4, at least so far, leave a lot to be desired, reminds me of UE3 water. I would like to see how it can handle a jungle type setting.

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Well Unreal 4 engine games are coming, there outta be a new UT as well.

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What the.. I would get dick hard for new UT but they just said it's not coming. They have UE4 engine coming and no mentioning of UT except the previous "we are not working on UT.."

I'm holding my hopes of new game like UT, in couple of Indie Arena Shooters that are in development.