New Minecraft update with pet wolf and new plane mods.

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I managed to find and tamed a wolf after 20 minutes of searching but the bastard kept getting in my way when I am digging and I killed him accidentally, I can't even see his health bar so it's hard to know if he's about to die....

Also the bi-plane mod is pretty cool, if you don't use a invertory hack, it takes forever to gather all the parts to build the damn plane but once you built it, it's a whole new level of fun, the plane is quite easy to control and you can cover a very large area while at full speed... Just make sure you keep putting in fuel or you'll kamikaze your way down like I did...

The new 1.4.1 version and the custom plane mod is combine and made the game very refreshing and fun again, I highly recommended. Just be sure to back up your save data because the plane mod is not and I repeat is not easy to install.....

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Psh! 1.4 is old news. :P

Now it's all about next week's 1.5 update, with dynamic weather effects, stats, achievements, and a bunch of other stuff.

Btw, if you right-click your wolf he will "stay". That way, he won't get in your way and die while you're mining. Just leave him close by so that you can un-"stay" him and order him to attack mobs... or leave him behind at your house/shelter so he's not bothering you.

#3 Posted by Remmib (2250 posts) - seems like an incredible amount of things have changed in this game since I last played in Alpha.
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They added a plane!?!? Why was this not in the notes grr. BTW wolves health is how long the tail is.
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Notch (Minecraft creator) didn't add the plane. The plane is a mod made by some very talent programmer and it works very well. You can craft a new plane crafting table and use it to build your plane. it uses coal or wood as fuel and blend with the game very nicely. The bed that you sleep in will reset your spwan point, which means you can pack your **** and fly very very far away for a whole new adventure!