new cpu and motherboard

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I bought an i3 4330 and an asrock b85 pro4 i have 5gb ram and an ati radeon 5670 i've been told that my 5670 would work with the new mb but when i opened the pc i could hear the start up sounds etc but the screen stayed black.

Am i missing something cus i just changed to my old setup and it works or they are not compatible ?And if my 5670 wont work with my new motherboard what graphic card should i buy for 100-150 euro?

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That 5670 will work with the new setup. Question is did you get a bad motherboard/cpu or bad memory. What you should do double check all power connections, check the front panel connections. Also try using the the onboard video output on the motherboard and see if it works. Does the motherboard have a front panel speaker.beeper/buzzer? the number and length of the beeps will tell whats wrong. if the setup works with the onboard video may need to go to bios and change the video options.

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I don't think compatibility is your issue here. Although let me be clear, I don't see any reason why that GPU wouldn't be compatible with your new motherboard.

5gigs of RAM? Strange amount. Not sure if that is setup optimally.

Is the graphics card powering up at all (not the screen, but the fans on the card or any lights)?

Have you tried a different cable? Moved the mouse, checked and made sure that the input selected on the monitor itself is the one you are using?

Does your PC have an obnoxious beep (or series of beeps) as it first starts to powerup? If yes, then this may be a sign of poor hardware, or not getting enough power to your new hardware. Which then your PSU may not be adequate. (but all of that you listed is actually pretty low on power usage)

Have you made sure you to try a different PCIx16 slot? (if your motherboard has more than 1)

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I am pretty sure i've done everything correct because i changed to my old setup and it works fine.If the front pane connections are these little black things "reset sw" "power sw" i think i only used the power one with the new cpu and mb and i use only the power one with my old set up.And after i opened it i heard the same bipping noises that it always does. I didnt check the motherboard hdmi or vga output maybe that will work cus i am pretty sure the pc was working properly i will check that tomorrow

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I also didnt put any thermal paste on my cpu there was nothing about it on the manual of the cpu and i read that there is no need could that cause problems?

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Um no thermal paste on the cpu? I don't think I would ever run a cpu without thermal paste. Are you using a mineral oil setup?!? Or just cooling with air?

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stock cpu coolers tend to have thermal paste/pad applied.

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Just air i read smth about these intel cpus that there is no reason to put thermal paste on them or smth like that.I'd expect the manual to say i had to put thermal paste too...

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@04dcarraher: Oh, well yeah that is true, but I thought he was saying there was no thermal paste.

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So it works now all i had to do was unplug the hdmi from my monitor put it in again and it worked...But now my ati 5670 shows as intel hd graphics 4670 any idea how i can fix that i tryed their automatic updater but it wont work

That was hapening cus i had it in the mb but when i put the hdmi in the graphic card the screen stays black...

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Have you installed the latest drivers for your newest GPU from AMD's website?

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@Lach0121 said:

Have you installed the latest drivers for your newest GPU from AMD's website?

drivers have no bearing in being able to boot up

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So my main problem is that when i put my hdmi in the 5670 i get black screen i went to bios it had pci express selected so i dont think thats the problem would buying a new graphics card would fix the problem or there is something wrong with the motherboard?

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@Lach0121 said:

Have you installed the latest drivers for your newest GPU from AMD's website?

drivers have no bearing in being able to boot up

I realize, but I was mentioning it because he said all he had to do was unplug the cable, and switch it back and forth, and that it was not registering as the right gpu.

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Have you tried putting the 5670 into 2nd pci-e slot?

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So they gave me annother mb asrock z87 pro3 everything works fine u put the hdmi in the 5670 monitor works pc recognises i have an ati 5670...but when i put one screw in the motherboard when i try to turn on the pc it opens for 1sec closes and i get this smell of something burning pc works fine when i dont have any screws in the mb

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Sounds like you forgot to put in the standoffs for the motherboard before screwing it in. You need to get a new motherboard and dont forget the standoffs

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For the love of god get some thermal paste on that CPU