Neverending Nightmares has 24 hours left to be funded, needs help

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There's a game that was the hit of PAX Prime, it's called Neverending Nightmares.

For anyone that doesn't know it's a horror game that has you escaping your own mental illness, the game is unique for that but also the creator of the game Matt Gilgenbach suffers from OCD and depression and put his own struggles into the game.

People are always saying they get sick of the latest copy/paste game that's coming out, well here is a game that's different than all the rest and it's 12,000 shy of reaching it's goal in 24 hours.

I'm supporting it because I feel that there needs to be games like this made that have broken the mold and going places that haven't been done before

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Looks abit depressing and sad. Rather play Shadow Warrior.

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Not interested.

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I supported it shortly after it went up on Kickstarter. Happy, and surprised, to see how much it gained in the last three days.
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I've been following this game. Looks interesting but I hope it doesn't end up as an "overdone" indie game. Don't get me wrong.. i love and enjoy indie games but it has to fall into the proper context. How does the art style and gameplay mechanics relate to the story, and characters.. and so forth.. "not just to look weird and unique" so it's indie and cool. If you understand my drift, you will know what i meant by that. Cheers.