Need some Origin Friends for Need for Speed Most Wanted

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#251 Posted by spooky_haz (1 posts) -
Feel free to add me: spooky_haz.
#252 Posted by Skyhype777 (2 posts) -
Add me also on origin my ID Is skyhype777 :)Skyhype777
#253 Posted by Kbarn0200 (1 posts) -
Kbarn0200 - I'm on every day
#254 Posted by 2stoned2play (2 posts) -

You can add me:


I play nfs on android and xbox 360.

#255 Posted by AcidThunder (2332 posts) -

what the fuk is going on here? this thread looks like the hotsopt for level 1s

#256 Posted by PlayStation33 (3 posts) -
Feel Free to add me too. My Origin id fallen_AGrEST ThX
#257 Posted by iiiiidarkiiiii (1 posts) -
add my name is : mhm1137
#258 Posted by khanabyss25 (279 posts) -

the reason why you see so many level 1 is google  when you type " nfs most wanted friends" on google, this thread comes first :P

#259 Posted by hhendra (1 posts) -
add me please, hhendra thank you :)
#260 Posted by PlayStation33 (3 posts) -
what is boys... does nobody want to beat me up? ID: fallen_AGrEST .... I'm waiting !!!
#261 Posted by AGPJ (2 posts) -
Hey guys add me up alvinpitter. finished nfs most wanted 2012 but need origin friends to compete against. thnx much :-}
#262 Posted by AGPJ (2 posts) -
I dont know if i have a problem but i dont see any race times in my career. i completed the game and all my race times seems to have vanished. what can i do i.e if there is a problem
#263 Posted by rorogonzalez (1 posts) -
Feel free to add me: rorogonzalez Greetings from Chile!
#264 Posted by nadiaza (2 posts) -
add my brother pls for need for speed most wanted. his origin name is fansuriz
#265 Posted by ejay77 (1 posts) -
Username gjuozapavici Thank you!
#266 Posted by lordteigware (1 posts) -
please add me too. my id is lordteigware
#267 Posted by LivDoug (1 posts) -
Feel free to add me, sephoran Thanks guys
#269 Posted by mw_jewel (5 posts) -
Hey guys add me if u like...just want to justify all the track record that i set :) farid_bd
#270 Posted by mw_jewel (5 posts) -
Die hard nfs racer......:) farid_bd
#271 Posted by Philosoph (98 posts) -
very few ID's here are pulling results ID: OrX3z Add me
#272 Posted by francesblack (1 posts) -
You can add me my origion id is francesblack
#273 Posted by b4kul (1 posts) -
Please add me, b4kul. Regurarly play nfs most wanted, have a fast response so feel free to add me
#274 Posted by hoangtranluu (1 posts) -

Add me please. My origin ID is liangzhuge

#275 Posted by PlayStation33 (3 posts) -
Hello. My friend need more Origin friends. Please add it name john121289 ThX
#276 Posted by oggie23698 (2 posts) -
Hi, please add me. name is: oggie23698 thanks.
#277 Posted by johnb166 (1 posts) -
Add me? JohnB166 Still havent found anybody to compare times with.
#280 Posted by rafaladam7 (4 posts) -
'm looking for very good players to compete ... If you think that you are very good friends invite me. rafaladam7 or android NFS MOST WANTED
#282 Posted by jixerjay (1 posts) -
Hi feel free to add me on NFS MW id: Hmmm101
#283 Posted by Wesleycj (3 posts) -
Add khalidbays
#284 Posted by martino1606 (2 posts) -
I've just sent you a request
#285 Posted by martino1606 (2 posts) -
hello there.I need to compete with people on NFMW on android. See you for funny races.My id: junesixteen
#286 Posted by beki-chan (2 posts) -
please add id: beki_cann
#287 Posted by AshTheDude007 (2 posts) -

Hey Guys,


Add me as well ID: AshTheDude007


I play Fifa 13, NFS MW, Sims.

Pls do add me..! :D

#288 Posted by abhisekd (1 posts) -
I've already completed the game and waiting for some people to play against! Would love to brag you down. Add me at: abhisekd
#289 Posted by vaporspitter (4 posts) -
add me gcaron80
#290 Posted by matt0311o (1 posts) -
#291 Posted by tecnghtmar75 (1 posts) -
Tecnghtmar75 needs origin friends for need for speed most wanted. Thx
#292 Posted by Shahar85 (2 posts) -
Everyone is invited, add me: shahr85
#293 Posted by cuppitskully (1 posts) -
Please add me: cuppitskully Thanks!
#294 Posted by linkinpork (1 posts) -
Please add me: linkinpork101
#295 Posted by D_MART85 (1 posts) -
I need friends lol. Add me please, my username is: thcdem
#296 Posted by oker1 (1 posts) -
feel free to add me, oker1212
#297 Posted by Shahar85 (2 posts) -
Add me: shahr85
#298 Posted by Gorgal128 (2 posts) -
Nfs id gorgal1024
#299 Posted by RawrPower69 (1 posts) -
Add Me PLZ :D NFS MW ID: rawrpower69112
#300 Posted by m4Rxkp (2 posts) -