Need some Origin Friends for Need for Speed Most Wanted

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#151 Posted by atulrocks07 (10 posts) -
if u want to update ur game download 1.0.46 version apk and install on ur android device without unistalling previous versions nd it wud ask to replace previous apk then confirm ok.then after installation all u have to do is replace sd data for previous version 1.0.28 by sd data for new version.1.0.46.this wont halter ur saved game and progress they wud remain intact and same ur sp update wud unlock new cars new stages nd new milestones. cheers add me origin id : atulrocks07 origin id -atulrocks07
#152 Posted by kevintjie (2 posts) -
Pls add me on Origin, my ID: kevintjie898
#153 Posted by atulrocks07 (10 posts) -
origin id -atulrocks07 add me friends i am curently playing nfs most wanted 2012 thnks for add and invites in advance.i would immediately as u send me request as i always play online. origin id-atulrocks07
#154 Posted by atulrocks07 (10 posts) -
nfs mw friends add me my origin id is : atulrocks07 origin : atulrocks07 add me in order to unlock your bugatti veyron supersport car.thanks
#155 Posted by YgBbok (2 posts) -
My ID YgBbok
#156 Posted by YgBbok (2 posts) -
My ID YgBbok
#157 Posted by Haydawgnz (1 posts) -
Hi all, Have added most of the recent people, but still in need of plenty more origin friends. If anyone wants to add me my ID is: Haydawgnz Cheers.
#158 Posted by kevintjie (2 posts) -
Pls add my origin ID: kevintjie898 thanks
#159 Posted by Rapchy (1 posts) -
Hi from Turkey :) i dont know how can i add you so add me ID: Rapchy
#160 Posted by dutrowllc (1 posts) -
ID: dutrowllc Thanks!
#161 Posted by ArvindSP (4 posts) -
Guys.. I just joined orgin.. I play nfs mw... Please add me... My orgin id is : ArvindSP
#163 Posted by stantongk21 (3 posts) -
add me, stantongk21
#164 Posted by ArvindSP (4 posts) -
How to challenge a player in nfs? U knw.. Online... ? And also i added one friend wit nfs mw.. But i cant see him on my most wanted list
#165 Posted by ArvindSP (4 posts) -
Thanks a lot dude.... But i cant see u on my most wanted list... Nor can i challenge u to a race... Pls help
#166 Posted by tippy93 (1 posts) -
hello everyone :) i need some friends for NFS Most Wanted ! so could you all add me my id is blaz09
#167 Posted by Zahar242 (1 posts) -
Add me z_aha_r272
#168 Posted by despisedicon63 (1 posts) -
I'm also looking for friends for NFS: Most Wanted. My Origin username is despisedicon63. Add me!
#169 Posted by onurlu (1 posts) -
Add me Nick: onurlu05
#170 Posted by drivverr (1 posts) -
ID: drivverr Feel free to add me, I'll accept all invites.
#171 Posted by sailukar (1 posts) -
please addme ORIGIN ID : kirkalkar
#172 Posted by mankarabinu (3 posts) -
im also in need of some cool nfs mw origin add me!! origin id: mankarabinu
#173 Posted by jensenh89 (2 posts) -
feel free to add me: jensenh89
#174 Posted by Szoll92 (1 posts) -
Hi! I need friends! Add me please! Username: Szoll Thanks!
#175 Posted by Matoska169 (1 posts) -
Add me too! Origin id is coloradomath
#177 Posted by KingTitto (1 posts) -
Add me : KingTitto , I will accept all invitations, thanks
#178 Posted by Ridaction97 (1 posts) -
Hi! My Origin ID is Ridaction97, Feel free to add! I am currently playing Battlefield 3 and Need For speed Most wanted
#179 Posted by SupremeB23 (4 posts) -
I need some more friends for NSF and fifa 13, will accept anyone! :D Origin username: Supre-messy
#180 Posted by ajamuwon (1 posts) -
I just requested a whole bunch of you guys. Hopefully you'll add me ajamuwon. Thanks
#181 Posted by toebab69 (1 posts) -
Please add me toebab69 and beat my times :-)
#182 Posted by SupremeB23 (4 posts) -
Origin: BlickBeast Add me! I'll accept anyone and everyone, I'm also adding anyone who has posted here! Thanks! :D
#183 Posted by sebastanev (1 posts) -
please add me: Origin ID - sebastanev
#184 Posted by itpullok (3 posts) -
I need too. please add me or some one response with your id that i can add you. thanks in advanced.
#185 Posted by itpullok (3 posts) -
Please, Please add me it_pullok I already tried many place for this but i not get success. CCIE Lab Topology
#186 Posted by jhusk239 (2 posts) -
user id - jhusk239 ill accept your friend add. :-)
#187 Posted by jhusk239 (2 posts) -
i found this forum also that has a bunch of live people posting their names:
#188 Posted by carlo623 (2 posts) -
please add: carlo623 thanks! :)
#189 Posted by Noouurr (1 posts) -
Add me if you play Need For Speed Most Wanted .. Origin ID: Nour7_S & Follow me on Twitter for help in some events @Nour7_S ;)
#190 Posted by Yogipalankar (1 posts) -
Hello, My id is yogipalankar I've sent request to all of you guys from my origin account.
#191 Posted by SupremeB23 (4 posts) -
Add me!!, origin username: BlickBeast I'll accept anyone!! :D
#192 Posted by jshaw416 (1 posts) -
I just joined origins and I need some friends. jshaw416 Thanks
#193 Posted by nidhicamb (1 posts) -
Add me please - nidhicamb
#194 Posted by red_devils2k4 (1 posts) -

Hi all..i just added some of you..please add me my username is sunriu

#195 Posted by uvehachebe (3 posts) -
Add me!, origin id: uvehachebe I'll accept anyone!!
#196 Posted by Jimfear111 (2 posts) -
I'm adding you guys, add me 57uff
#197 Posted by deatharthus (2 posts) -
please add me also every one my name is deatharthus
#198 Posted by deatharthus (2 posts) -
#200 Posted by Jimfear111 (2 posts) -