Need New Card about $50 including shipping...

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I'm looking for more bang for my buck video card deal, I'm planning on buying a $50 amazon gift card at giant eagle and using it to buy a cheap decent video card that can run modern games at at least low setting's. I have a tv moniter that only uses VGA connector, so it would have to have that connection on the video card.

Need not to worry about power supply, got all i need..

I'm using a ATI 3000 ingrated graphics right now, I need way better than that.


AMD Quad

4gig ram

Windows 7

ati 3000( want to upgrade this baby)

It has to be as close to $50 as possible, no higher, this is with shipping and everything...

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You can't really get anything decent for $50. It wouldn't play some of the newest games even on low.
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Honestly spending $50 on a GPU isn't great. Because if you, for instance, spend 3x more on a better card, you can get a card that's over 10x more powerful.
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I'm using a ATI 3000 ingrated graphics right now, I need way better than that.Nutrollio

Something way better? $50 including shipping (and taxes)?

I have no clue how to help.

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Also to actually be helpful, I recommend saving atleast $15-20 more and getting a Radeon 6670 at the very least. That $15 will be the difference between many games being unable to run, and getting decent frames at reasonable settings in pretty much any game. Honestly spending $50 on a GT 520 would just be throwing away $50.
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the lowest you want to be spending on a GPU is at least $70-75 for a 6670 or a used 6770 or if you are lucky a used 6850. Anything lower than that is a waste of money imo.
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TC if you want to stick to your budget check dis sh!t out playa!!!!

hd 4670 1gb :D

to quote dayum drops:


the 4670 is capable of playing many contemporary titles on high or maximum including the likes of rainbow 6 vegas 2, bioshock 2, singularity, transformers: war for cybertron, assassins creed 1, wh40k: dawn of war II: retribution, and batman: arkham asylum @ 720p

if you drop down to medium settings how about we add on battlefield: bad company 2, crysis 1, and stalker: call of pripyat

if your power supply will take it, expect to watch it waste your old graphics chip, and thats a guarantee

que the music!!!!

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Look second hand?

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i scored a 4850 for about 43 bucks delivered

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Look second hand?

THIS. GPUs get old fast and this shows in the second hand market. I scored an HD6950 2GB for 75% it's price and it's relatively new. If you buy something even older, you can save even more.
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I'm a go for the older more powerful DX10 card over buying a new under powered DX11 card myself.