Need For Speed Underground... Savegame files?

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#1 Posted by xASSASSINxOG (9 posts) -
Does anyone know where the save game files are located for need for speed underground? ***For Vista***. I can only find for xp cause NFSU came out way before vista. So if any one could tell me that would be great.
#2 Posted by siddarthshetty (9462 posts) -

Windows>user name>app data>Local


look in Users name>Documents

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my name isn't lister in there. And you mean C:/Windows right?
#4 Posted by siddarthshetty (9462 posts) -

Not c:\ i mean start button...

#5 Posted by xASSASSINxOG (9 posts) -
The only folder in username/appdata/local is "Temp"
#6 Posted by siddarthshetty (9462 posts) -

Hav u checked strat>Usersname>documents and some folder like Electronic arts or EA

#7 Posted by xASSASSINxOG (9 posts) -
In the EA games folder there is a Mirrors Edge folder. In the Electronic arts folder there is just sims 3 and out side of those in just the documents thing there is no Need For speed Related folder.
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Goto folder option and click on show hidden files and folders then check both the folders i mentioned above if u still can't find then it must hav got deleted some how..

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how do i get into folder options?
#10 Posted by siddarthshetty (9462 posts) -
how do i get into folder options?xASSASSINxOG
In my comp> press organise on top left>folder and search option>view>look for Hidden files and folder click show hidden files and folder..
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Odd. Still not there. Im not sure how it got deleated considering i just reinstalled it.
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Im reinstalling it and im going to custamize install paths and try and scop out where saves go to.
#13 Posted by xASSASSINxOG (9 posts) -
well... I reinstalled it and it seems like the save game files are still missing. i even made a profile and i cant find out where they put it.
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Try looking for it in C:/Programdata/ (Programdata is a hidden folder so check the box that says"show hidden files,folders and drives" by going into computer from the start menu and click organize which is under the button(s) that you use to go back to a folder) If not there try looking in C:/users/all users/ Note: i'm using win7 home premium sp1 and i'm not 100% sure that you can find th file in these directories old need for speeds rock(my personal fave is nfs:u2)