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#1 Posted by lmfao_a_frog (3 posts) -
So I recently just purchased NFS Most Wanted and I need some friends for my most wanted list so I can compete with them and gain SP. Anyone using Origin and NFS that wants to expand their friends list? My origin name is lmfao_a_frog Please ,add me!! Anyone will be appreciated Thanks. Feel free to post yours!
#2 Posted by InterruptZero (1 posts) -
And me Interrupt Zero
#3 Posted by stantongk21 (3 posts) -
add me, stantongk21
#4 Posted by mankarabinu (3 posts) -
add me plz...ID: mankarabinu
#5 Posted by drblue24 (4 posts) -
Added you all. Need more, add me plz: DrBlue24. Thanks =)
#6 Posted by nihinninan (3 posts) -
my id is nihinninan...:)
#7 Posted by 1adamek (4 posts) -
my login is: 1adamos I can promise I will add you quickly.
#8 Posted by metin060687 (4 posts) -
I'm The Most Wanted! Add me: Metin060687
#9 Posted by vaporspitter (4 posts) -
add me gcaron80
#10 Posted by rafaeljfbcn (4 posts) -
my id rafaeljfbcn
#11 Posted by isrickqt (1 posts) -
Add me : 1r1cardo (Nfs most wanted mobile version)
#12 Posted by chlonengan (4 posts) -
add me : chlonengan
#13 Posted by Tfairclough (3 posts) -
add: Tfairclough
#14 Posted by vishalwales123 (1 posts) -
i have added many friends but none has accepted my request i urge u all please add me my origin id is wales123486. all of u are added please add me thank you
#15 Posted by viptanitimm (5 posts) -
ad mee: viptanitimm
#16 Posted by bobbetybob (19296 posts) -
W-W-W-WEIRDNESS BREAKER!!! Seriously though, the f**k is up with this thread?
#17 Posted by ioniceses (5 posts) -
need some friends on origin... please add me : ioniceses
#18 Posted by kesyl1 (6 posts) -
#19 Posted by andreitoader642 (4 posts) -
i accept
#20 Posted by sufiyannfs (6 posts) -
#21 Posted by feverberries (281 posts) -


#22 Posted by hakoh88 (3 posts) -
guaranteed quick reply hakoh88 the more the merrier...thanks