Need a good pc case and motherboard

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My friends. The APG thingy for my 3d card has fucked. The pc needs to sit on it's side from the 3d card to work properly (due to the weight holding it down on the pins). So, alas. A new motherboard is in order and a new case with it, since the current one looks like it has survived a nuclear winter.

The current motherboard is a Asus AMD something or another. It supports ATX/AMDX2/13gb. Looking for a reasonable replacement price under £100 (pounds not dollars) for both the motherboard and case.

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what is your cpu ? If you have a Cpu that is supported by AM3+ motherboards then getting an AM3+ mobo for 100 will also give you a nice upgrade path and there are alot of good AM3+ mobos even under $100

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Thank yo for the help my friend, I managed to get a £12 microcase and microATX board for £50. All is well. Hopefully nothing will go horribly wrong.

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If you managed to get Mobo for 50 , you could get some good Antec/Corsair case for another 50 - that is if you aim to game and the need to cool your rig properly with good ventilation