need a build, video work and 3d editing

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im in need of a tower (only tower no fixings, but i need an OS disc) for movie making and 3d editing. ive been asleep for the past year and a bit on pc stuff, so im a bit lost. i have a budget of 2k CDN, programs include cinema 4d, and adobe creative suite

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I don't know very much about workstations, although you can pick up an Nvidia Quadro K4000 for around $800 which is probably a good card to look at that is within your budget. You can also pick up a 6 core, ivy bridge, xeon processor for around $400. 16 gig of ram an LGA 2011 Mobo, a few TB Hard drives, a 650 W PSU and a case should round out the build. You can pick up windows 8.1 is really cheap so that shouldn't be an issue for you. I'm not sure about the pricing but that gives you an idea of what to start looking for.

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If it's just for work, Nvidia Quadro. If you want it for gaming as well, a good Geforce gpu won't be a problem at all, just make sure it has a lot of VRAM. (Mine does just fine)

Oh and buy as much RAM as you can get.