Native 3D supprot with Dirext 11.1, what exactly does that mean?

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in the article linked below it says "11.1 at this time is that the newer version includes native stereoscopic 3D support. " I am an owner of a 120hz 3d monitor with nvidia 3D Vision glasses. Does this mean I would notice any noticeable benefit of upgrading to Windows 8 in regards to 3D gaming? From my experience if the developers make a game with 3D Vision implemented properly it looks amazing, is the "native stereoscopic 3D support" of windows 8 going to make 3d gaming better? Figured I would ask for the few out there who might use Nivida 3D vision. Please to all the people who usually rant about how much of a gimmick 3d is please save it for someone who actually cares.

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The developers would have to take advantage of it, and make their games compatible with it. So no, upgrading now won't make any difference.
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it's not about the quality of 3d vision at all.

"DirectX 11.1 adds native stereoscopic 3D support. As Neowin points out, this means any PC games or applications written with DirectX 11.1 will have support for viewing the content via stereoscopic 3D glasses as default. Previously, games would need to be programmed with a particular graphics card in mind."