Name co-op split-screen games on pc

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hey guys name co-op split-screen games , all kinds shooting adventure all !!!

especially shooting games !

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On PC? Maybe there's one game at most that has that feature. Maybe has some more...
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i meant cool games and known games like bioshock gears crysis not mini games so i want u to name me some split screen games because i can't find split screen games
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"Games on pc" and "co-op split-screen" do not go well together in a sentence. As far as I know, there's only two games that have it: Serious Sam and Serious Sam: Second Encounter. Other than that, there are games that have hot-seat multiplayer...but that's about it.
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Kane & Lynch: Dead Men has split-screen co-op.

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well 10x !
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Bionic Commando Rearmed has split-screen co-op...
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some of the tony hawk games have a split screen

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lol how would you play a split screen pc game?
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Just play Ragdoll Masters.
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Well, you could play Audio Surf (dual mode) with a friend on the same screen, not exactly split-screen though. Other games I can think of is Guilty Gear X2.
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You guys kill me... Well I don't know about the rest of you but I have one of my better PC's with an 8800GT in the living room hooked up to my 47" Vizio. We play the PC more than the 360 or PS3. And now since so many PC games are supporting the Xbox 360 controller natively its great to have a split screen game. Plus the PC looks much better than the consoles do, Got to love that 1920x1080 with AA and AF! But we all go to our separate rooms to play Generals.

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I think the guys form System Wars have come over the PC board.... go away children, go play your games
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All the dynasty warrior games support that. I believe.
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Left 4 Dead also has a 'unofficial' splitscreen.
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Left 4 Dead also has a 'unofficial' splitscreen.kilaan

 I heard they removed the code to make it work in the patches.

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lol how would you play a split screen pc game?blade55555
By having multiple people playing the game on one screen. I do know some sports game have allowed this (at least Fifa 99 did.... yes it is old.......). But those are games best with controllers (sorry i hate keyboard and mouse for sports and racing... it just sucks) anyway so those make sense.
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Serious Sam: the second encounter has splitscreen co-op support and deathmatch for 2 players, though it's an older game. demo can be found here:

Left 4 dead 1 and 2 have full co-op support (including online support connecting with 2 other players co-op for a total of 4 players on 2-3 computers) for 2 player split screen on pc (works with buttons set for 360 controllers, and you must edit 360controller.cfg to set the buttons for any other controller), although you have to enter console commands here:




open console (~)

Enter commands:

exec 360controller
ss_enable 1
ss_splitmode 2

To play online:
Join a SP game as normal and set the light on player 2 to slot 2, then join/start a campaign with less than 3 players playing.

Enter commands:
cmd2 jointeam 2 //4 survivors or cmd2 jointeam 3 //4 infected




There are also a number of games that you can run two instances of with buttons set on one for a gamepad and the other for mouse/keyboard. Quake 2 comes to mind. Instructions and files needed can be found here.

Unreal Tournament 3 has splitscreen support for 4 players.

there are also many games that allow multiple players to play on screen, but don't split the screen. Examples include the mashed series (demo here) , return of the king (demo does not have 2 player support, but is on Gamespot), and sports titles such as nhl 2004 (demo here).

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whacky wheels
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There are some excellent PC co-op Splitscreen games out there. You mentioned shooters, so I'll list those first:

Portal 2 (Puzzle-shooter, 2 Player splitscreen). It requires console commands, but in my opinion is the best co-op experience out there for the PC.

Left 4 Dead 1 - (2 Player splitscreen, can connect with others online) Fully supported, requires console commands. Wired 360 controllers are fully supported, and other controllers require either editing the game's files or using third-party software to emulate a 360 controller.

Left 4 Dead 2 - (2 player splitscreen) Local co-op is supported, but NOT online co-op. Wired 360 controllers are fully supported, and other controllers require either editing the game's files or using third-party software to emulate a 360 controller.

Serious Sam (4 player splitscreen) - I've only tried the demo for this one, but it seemed to work well.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 (2 player splitscreen) - I haven't tried.

Terminator Salvation (2 player splitscreen) - I haven't tried.

Platypus (2 player drop-in/drop-out splitscreen. Arcade space shooter, galaga style. Animation is claymation.) - Looks great, but I haven't been able to find a copy :/

Although these are not shooters, I highly reccomend these for co-op on 1 pc as well:

Trine (3 Player co-op on one pc- an action platformer). This and the sequel are real gems - built for the PC as a splitscreen co-op game.

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (2 player - an excellent action game, even though the graphics don't hold up to today's standards)

Lara Craft: Guardian of Light (2 player)

Lego Star Wars (2 Player Co-Op. I prefer the original - excellent humor and storytelling. All of the Lego games support 2-player co-op).

Splitscreen, but not co-op:

Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing (4 player - Kart racer, a mariokart clone with an interesting unlock system).

Rayman Raving Rabbids (4 Player - Minigame collections. The on-rails shooting levels are a lot of fun)

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street figher IV

serious sam: the second encounter


NBA: full court press

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The Haunted: Hell's Reach also has splitscreen through console command

and I think Resident Evil 5 haves it if both players are using a controller

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Dungeon Defenders and Serious Same 3 both have splitscreen support.
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Serious Sam 3: BFE (tried it, works well, a recent patch even lets you play 4-player splitscreen with multiple mice and keyboards).

Dirt 3 (you need gamepads tho)

Split Second (made it work with 2 keyboards, a bit wonky but it works)

Trackmania 2 (tried it, works fine)

The hardest part is finding a way to set it up. I hook my desktop up to my TV, and pull the tower towards a couch and reclining chair. I put one keyboard and mouse on a plank of wood and rest it on the arms of the chair, it works very well. The second (wireless) keyboard and mouse go on a coffee table in front of the couch.

Generally speaking, its better to do LAN setups with multiple computers. Each person gets their own screen that way as well.

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Serious Sam 3: BFE if you want some old school shooting.

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whacky wheelsnutcrackr

man thats OLD SCHOOL! and I loved that game, I remember it being better than the oh so popular mario kart... Even the newer ones

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Serrious Sam 3
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racing games though: blur split second