My PC xbox 360 controller keeps blinking...

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#1 Posted by juzek (150 posts) -

Its a Wireless one thats connected to my PC through a receiver which is connected to a UBS slot.

Now, the controller connects and works fine but the light dosent stop on the upper left handlight, the whole circle blinks.

If i unplug the receiver from USB and plug it back in the controller stops blinking and works fine, but when i put the computer to sleep(like i do every night) and then turn it back on the next day, the circle starts to blink again(still while the controller works).

Any way around this so i dont have to replug the receiver everytime?

#2 Posted by poljpocket (3 posts) -
I assume this is the moment, your battery is getting low. Try new ones... For me, I got an accu pack incl. charger USB cable for about $20.
#3 Posted by juzek (150 posts) -

Yeah i've already tried that. And the light would still blink afterSleep Modeof the receiver. I mean i can leave my computer running for days and everytime i turn it on the controller wouldnt blink. Its something to do with sleep mode. As the receivers USB gets 'disoconected' upon Sleep and then it dosent fully conect to the PC ... somehow?!?

Now that i think of it... isnt there an option on the PC that lets you choose which device/s or individual ports get 'turned off' while in Sleep Mode?

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Is it the whole circle at once blinking or changing from top-left + bottom-right to top-right + bottom left quarters lighted?? The latter would be what I meant with the batteries being low. The first one is when the controller is connecting... but it's confusing, because you say, it works even when still 'connecting'... can't help you on that. My receiver doesn't have any problem with sleep though... maybe you'll reinstall the Windows Live drivers?!?! Greez
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Well, i reinstalled the receiver drivers, which didnt help. I reinstalled Games for Windows LIVE, and that didnt help eather.

Andafter searching a little on the net i found that my USB Sleep options in the Power Options were set toEnabled tosomething called "USB selective suspend settings". Which brought me to the Device Manager>USB Root Hub>Power Managment and a choice to check or uncheck 'Allow the computer to turn of this device to save power'. And with 'USB selective suspend power' Enabled it makes all the USB Root Hubs(in Power Managment) Checked for 'Allowing the computer to turn... ect.'.

Anyways i disabled this and it made all my USBs ... supposedly... not turn off during Sleep Mode. But that didnt help eather for some reason.

So doesanyone know if im on the right track or at least know what im talking about? :?

Well next ill be contacting Xbox for this, and if that wont help i will just have to unplug the darn thing.. no biggie i guess.

And thanks for the input polipocket it helped to at least try to figure this out.

#6 Posted by juzek (150 posts) -

FIXED IT. if anyone has the same problem.

I just ran Windows Update and under the Optional Updates there was a"Game Devices, Other hardware - Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows" one that soposedly updates a driver. It seems that the Driver you get with the Controllers cd is not enuff. After you install the Disc just run Windows Update and it should "update" that driver.