My PC game that is online is slow. How do i fix this?

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So basically, my internet download speed is around 5.1 mbps (it's mbps, right?).  However, recently the game i play has been running slow. The game is an old one titled Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction, so there isn't a lot of power required to run it online.  What are some things i can do to find out what is wrong with my connection, causing for my game to run slow?  Running google is super slow too.

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Have you made any recent changes in hardware or software? Have you been playing fine before and then suddenly out of the blue it's now running slow, or is this a recent attempt at going back to the old game?
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hopefully you don't have a bunch of malware. check process and inspect one by one. 

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Are we takling network lag or framerate lag?