Moderate Gaming Laptop for Friend

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Ok, so i know i already asked this question for myself, but as you know, i have a much better budget than my friend here. Anyways, his birthday is coming up, but his budget is real low, like $350 low, so if anyone knows a laptop new OR used in this procerange that could play really simple games, like minecraft and the original HALO, and possibly planetside 2 at low-med please help out. Right now he's using the suckiest laptop ever, an acer with GMA graphics for gods sake, and an Intel Pentium Dual Core at 1.45 Ghz overclocked to 1.9, and starting to hate computers and gaming because of how bad it is. I hate to see this, but with some problems in his family his budget is really low. Any help on this subject is truly appreciated. Thanks.

OK so i found this and it seems ideal, but i don't know if this price is even low enough... if anyone could find it used it'd be much appreciated.

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BTW it should also be able to run TF2

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Your friend isn't going to be playing anything like Planetside 2 on a $350 laptop, not even a cheap desktop in that range would do very well either. He should start saving money.
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I know, he's pretty bad with money. I have an $800 HP Envy dv6-7215, but thats because i saved for a while. I just feel bad for him, no one can survive on GMA graphics, no one.

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Might be better off getting a PS3, PC requires a higher initial investment but pays for itself in the long run with cheaper software and by being more versatile. If he can't save up then he might be SOL.