[MMOs] Eve Online - Corruption From Within

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That link really says it all. At one point i was a big Eve Online player and it saddens me to see one of the most innovative MMOs brought low by a Development house that can't control the actions of their own members in game. I expect this to be a huge hit to CCPs market viability and a big sledgehammer blow to their new found relationship with RPG publishign giant WhiteWolf (creators of the World Of Darkness)

Not good news, not good news at all. 

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That doesn't surprise me at all. LOL. One of the reasons I quite playing EVE is that I could see that every change to the game seemed to be designed to make the new players take longer to get where they already were in experience and capabilities, and to protect and give an advantage to the "old players" that had the biggest ships, most money, big corps....etc. The first year or so of EVE was cool, but after a year and a half, I could tell, and had my suspicions stuff like this was going on. So, this does not surprise me but just makes me feel better as for awhile, I thought I was being suspicious just because I didn't like their "game balance" philosophy and that maybe my objectiveness wasn't so objective.

I knew it! Just like the other time I thought I was wrong. I'd thought I'd made a mistake....but I was wrong. :P

Looks like Infinity: The Quest for Earth is gonna kill EVE when it comes out as well as be the most refreshing space sim MMO in existance. Can't wait for that game to release! :D
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Its a shame that its that bad now. I played it for almost 2 years was a great game, but it was rough for new players. Alot of ppl didnt get passted the 14 day trial, I did see that they have started to make it easier on new ppl... letting them start with a WHOLE lot more SPs

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EVE had the potential to be an EXCELLENT MMO, but the devs got their heads stuck "inside the box" and developing favoritism towards certain people/corps just sinks them even more. I don't think they'll ever be able to fix that game without making some "radical" changes to the game itself and to the CCP staff. IMHO, EVE-online is a sinking ship. Ah well, nobody's perfect. Let's just hope Infinity: The Quest for Earth learns from all EVE's mistakes; then we get all the benefits. :D