MLB 2K vs MLB The Show

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#1 Posted by PublicNuisance (4582 posts) -

I am wondering if anybody here has played the MLB 2K games of late to let me know if the My Player mode stacks up well to the MLB The Show series on PS3. I am not about to go buy a PS3 for one game and would rather here some opinions before putting down money on the 2K series.

#2 Posted by JohnFifteen12 (191 posts) -

On a technical level, MLB The Show is a much better game, but it is also one of the most sterile and boring sports games I have ever played. It is similar to Gran Turismo 5 in that respect, fairly nice to look at, but painfully sterile and dull once you actually start to play the game.

I much prefer to play the MLB 2K games, even with their flaws.

#3 Posted by SRTtoZ (4800 posts) -

MLB the show series is by far the best baseball games in existance. To me they need to re-do commentary not because its bad, but its getting a bit stale by now.

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The Show is much much better, 2k does basketball amazing, but they struggle at baseball.

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2k lost the rights to mlb this year..There will not be a baseball game bye them sad to say..So no baseball on the 360 next year or pc if it was on pc..How ever i dont think it was..