mic stopped working in nhl/fifa club dressing room

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I really need some help here. I've tried everything. I just bought the new ps3 surround sound headset and it works perfectly. It even was working in the dressing rooms before club matches in fifa13 and nhl 13 for the first 2 days then suddenly it stopped working in the lobby but still works fine in game. what do I do to get it working in the dressing rooms again? i hadnt changed any settings which is why it doesnt make any sense to me. my buddies and I have a lot of fun laughing and chatting in there but now im left out and we have to type everything. my one friend just bought the exact same headset and he can hear everyone talk fine so its not the headset. and I know its not broken because its working perfect everywhere else. the mic symbol is even on and displaying in the lobby dressing room but nothing is responding. please help me out id really appreciate it.

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so nobody can help?

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You should probably ask in the PS3 section also as im sure many people there have this headset.