May i ask for opinion on a graphic card?

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Hello, I woud like to ask what are the differences between theese cards? And wich one is ahead of the others? Thank you! nvidia gtx650TI OC 1GB gtx650 OC 2GB D5 gtx650 OC 1GB D5
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the 650ti OC is the best of those three

however all 3 are terribad cards to be buying south of 200-250 (depending on how you look at things) dollars nvidia has no good videocards one should be purchasing over an AMD product. ESPECIALLY when u factor in their free game bundles going on right now.

the innovators dilema strikes again!

if you want a gpu considering the money those probably are going to cost you. hd 7770ghz edition will be the card your looking for.

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Either get a 7770 or save up for a 660

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Either get a 7770 or save up for a 660


Saving up for a 7850/7870 is also a good idea depending on location.

7770 > 650 Ti

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Either a 7770 or save a bit more and go for a GTX 660. Don't get a GTX 650 or GTX 650ti

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Go here. These guys do a decent job at graphic card comparisons.



they claim an hd 5970 is inferior to a gtx 480 :lol:

tomshardware is biased so hard and shows incredible favor to nvidia

Are you on something??? According to toms hierarchy chart, the 5970 is at the gtx 670 level.,3107-7.html

yep and the 7970 ghz is at the top of their chart as it should be, and the 7950 lines up nicely with the 670. The chart is overall accurate.