Max Payne in Windows 7 Beta 64-bit

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Anybody manage to get Max Payne to install in Windows 7 Beta 64-bit? I get a 64-bit OS error when I try installing, even with compatibility mode. As far as I know, installing the game in compatibility mode worked in 64-bit Vista.

Think running the game in a virtual machine would work? Like VMWare, for example.

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Try the setup executable in the Disk1 folder.
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hi, yeah i got the same problem aswell, althougt i found a solution for this in the Bin folder in the setup disk there is a demo32.exe launch this one and then a new window will pop up and then select maxpayne.dcb or something, dosent remember the extension xD and then the launcer will start then just hit install and all will go smooth :)
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I installed it 3 days ago on Windows 7 32-bit. I had no sound in singleplayer and didnt wanna play like that so I just uninstalled it. :(
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Did you patch the game to 1.05?
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I have applied the new patch... but no sound in cut scene.
Otherwise the game work well. I use The Setup from the disk.
I then applied the patch 1.05
Anyone has an answer to my problem ?

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bits, 16 gig of ram etc....


3 year old topic :/ 20 seconds on google
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Yes I just installed and beat it the other day.

- You need to run the setup from the disc, not autoplay.

- You need to update.

- You need to download a soundfix which can be found on google.

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If this really still is an issue, please make a new topic about it. Thread necromancy is such an ugly habit.