Mass Effect 2 Deluxe Edition

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#1 Posted by alvaro_pg (330 posts) -

So, how many of you SciFi geeks have preordered (or are planning to) the Deluxe edition of Mass Effect 2? I simply can't wait for this game to come out, the first one was too epic :D I wanted to preorder this so badly on D2D but I can't because of my location... I guess I'll have to settle for the regular version on ebay :(

#2 Posted by Tezcatlipoca666 (7241 posts) -

Regular version for me. I haven't spend extra money for deluxe or collector editions since ES IV: Oblivion.

I simply want to play the game :)

#3 Posted by sleepingzzz (2260 posts) -

Didn't see anything in the Deluxe Edition that was worth it for ME2. You just get items and a tin case. Not worth it if you ask me.

I did buy the Deluxe Edition for Dragon Age since the DLC came with it.

#4 Posted by a_sh0pping_cart (354 posts) -

I'd like the Deluxe Edition, just because I'm a big ME fan, but gamestop's reservations were full. :(

Regular version for me then.

#5 Posted by BeavermanA (2652 posts) -

Pre-ordered the CE hard copy. It's just money...:)

#6 Posted by the_ChEeSe_mAn2 (8464 posts) -

Pre-ordered the CE hard copy. It's just money...:)

Easy for you to say :P My part time job hours got cut back this month (everything else is pre-budgeted for food, rent and textbooks), which means I will have to wait until February to get ME2 :(
#7 Posted by rgsniper1 (9341 posts) -

I have a CE edition pre-paid. Really loved the first game.

#8 Posted by Daytona_178 (14962 posts) -

My wife is buying it for the Xbox first....i might also buy t on STEAM :D Its just such a great game!

#9 Posted by Suffca (666 posts) -

LE for me. Ordered it off of Amazon with release date shipping.

#10 Posted by tony2077ca (5242 posts) -

i'll get it if its there when i go in if not i'll just get the normal version

#11 Posted by supertrooper23 (900 posts) -
i might get it. the two in extra items looks nice...
#12 Posted by shadow_cse (47 posts) -
Yeah got it pre-ordered for release day delivery from Amazon...can't freaking wait.
#13 Posted by samuraiguns (11588 posts) -

CE for me the cerberus card and the tin is worth it for me.

#14 Posted by Raxzor (5399 posts) -

I got DE from steam. Can't wait for it!!!

#15 Posted by Tresca_ (869 posts) -

Pre-ordered the CE. Trying to get through Dragon Age at the minute as well. Bioware will have me RPG'd out at this rate.

#16 Posted by KalDurenik (3768 posts) -

CE for me