Mafia II - Free Ride Update #2

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#1 Posted by mhofever (3959 posts) -

Costa, who's been working on Mafia 2's Free Ride, has released an updated version for it.,51.0.html

* Randomly start at one of Vito's places or Joe's place
* All houses open (mom's house, uptown, vito's house, marty's apt)
* Added option in houses to save the game
* Added option in houses to change your model to one of the special ones
* Added a god mode option in houses (unlimited health, unlimited ammo, all weapons, indestructible cars)
* Allowed using weapons inside houses
* Filled up the wardrobe
* Added option to tour Leo Galante's House (summer only)
* Added option to tour the Vinci mansion with optional enemies (summer only)
* Upped garage spaces to 50
* Added the ability to drag dead bodies

I salute this man. I sure hope he gets more things unlocked to make the game complete fun, free of charge instead of purchasing DLC's.

#2 Posted by HeavenIceDay (798 posts) -

Awesome! I'm downloading this now. His first freeride mod increased the replayabilty a lot for me.