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Guys, can anyone recommend me a great strategy game for mac? Soemthing I can buy at the App store.

Thanks a lot!

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Civ5, hands down. Pretty much your only option

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However, I recommend installing a Windows partition via Bootcamp. I run a Windows 8 partition on my MacBook Pro and run PC games. I hate Windows but I'll boot to it to play games every now and then.

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Browse Steam, they've got good collection of Mac games

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Thanks guys, will do so. Kichu_182 I already played CIV5, totally awesome!

I´m also looking for a good fanny brawler game for IOS. Its becoming hard to find good games at the apps store.

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@PredatorRules: Will do :)

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Well why limit yourself? you mac guys can dual boot windows and get every game under the sun? so I've been told.

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Xcom with its newly released expansion pack is available on Mac.

Although they're not strategy games, Bioshock Infinite and Metro Last Light have a Mac version too.

They're worth checking out if you're into shooters. Also, I think its better to get these games on steam.

You get both Mac and Windows version of the game.

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Starcraft 2 or any Blizzard game for that matter.

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@spaceninja818: Yes it´s true, but I wouldn't like to install windows on my Mac. Works fine this way :)

I would love Sierra to remake Cesar. Have you tried it?

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Steam has a selection of mac games, including "Steam Play" (where you can purchase the game and it will work on multiple OS like linux, OS10, and Windows). also has Mac ports (like Master of Orion and Brutal Legend)

Lots of Blizzard Games are available on Mac. Sims and Simcity are also available.

Finally, Feral Interactive ports a lot of games from Windows to Mac.