LOS2 popped up on steam with demo

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£26.99 in the UK (typical price £29.99). Nice to not be ripped off, for once. Interested in peoples impressions of the demo, currently I only get 150kb/s, so it will take ages.

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I downloaded this extremly fast it was done in like 5 minutes. I played it on GTX 760 and i5 with solid 60 fps at 1080p (max) and it felt extremely smooth and the visuals were not bad either. The options were simplistic but I thought it still looked great, than again I though MGR Rising look pretty good.

As for my impressions as I said it felt smooth and feels alot like GoW. I have not played the first though I hear it does as well with a similar fixed camera. The game heavily relies on evading (a symbol above the enemy indicates whether it is not blockable) and defending/counterattacking. In the demo there are 3 weapons, flaming fists that break defenses, which is kind of cool when using it against enemis with shields because the shield gets hot and then breaks apart and a sword that steals life from enemies each hit (it is the only way I think you can get HP back other than the quick special when enemy is critical and you suck there blood). There was a default weapon but I did not use it because the fists plowed right through enemies. The controls were good on my controller, but I am not sure about kb/m. Also a nice addition was QTEs can be turned off.

It did not feel insanely original. but I dont mind alot of games are like that and it was fun which is kind of important. I am all for a GoW like game if done correctly, though I am not really sure if this demo means it is. The demo was extremely short with mostly climbing, and I dont know much about the game as a whole, so I dont really think it is deciding factor really on whether to get the game on not. If the game offers more gameplay variety with maybe weapon upgrades, more abilities it should not be to bad.

I must ask how are you getting ripped off, usually games are $60 which is more than 30 pounds. Strangely alot of big games are $50 (30 pounds) on PC this year such as Thief and Dark Souls 2 as well. UK has higher priced games alot, where you normally do get ripped off but when a game is $50-60 and is equivalent in UK I do not see how it is a ripoff. For example Tales of Symphonia Chronicles is 40 pounds while in US it is only $40. That is a ripoff as well as Xbone and PS4 games being around 50 pounds

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In our currency (uk) games are £29.99. The price in other countries are irrelevant. They jack the prices, not because of tax, or because digital distribution is more expensive (it's cheaper), they do it because they want more money and want to take people for a ride whoever it's possible.It's actually very, very rare now to see a AAA quality game on steam not attempt to overcharge. Or have DLC bullshit.

The demo essentially felt like more of the same with better graphics. It actually seems to run better than LOS1 while looking significantly better. It seems to be (once again) taking stuff stuff from SOC, climbing the Titan. 'm guessing they will reduce puzzles (LOS was puzzle heavy) in favor of more action.

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Playing demos makes me feel nostalgic :3

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downloading this pronto and hopefully dualshock 4 works with it

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Game plays, looks and feels great! 1080p 60fps maxxed out with no frame drops or stuttering. I52500k/8gb/gtx770. Only thing is I think it using fxaa or txaa since it looks sharper with aa completely off

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Nice use of motion blur. Like halflife 2 it's used in moderation rather than drunky blury vision.