Looking to Buy a Monitor!

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I Have a small budget to build an entire rig from scratch. That means nothing is already acquired. So I want to buy a monitor that does the following: 1080p, no ghosting, 24in. My budget for a monitor is $100-$150 and Black Friday sales are my best bet. I have come up with these two and am hoping to get some advice from the master race.

Here's one on newegg: Asus VE247H

-DVI Outlet

Here's one on dell: Dell 23 Monitor - S2340L

-IPS Panel

Those are the only differences in specs I can find between the two. I've never seen an IPS Panel so I don't know what they look like. And I think DVI is useful to have because I want to plug in an xbox and my PC into the monitor so I can just switch channels when I want to move over to one from the other.


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100-150 bucks? Good luck.

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I have almost the same exact monitor (mine is the S2340M which is the same monitor as the L with the exception of no hdmi) and its a very very nice monitor (black colors look amazing and the viewing angle is great).

Theres two other users on this board that have it and they love it ($140 is a great price).

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100-150 bucks? Good luck.

Uh did you even read his post ? 1080p is pretty much the lowest you can get and he only needs 23-24 inches which isn't big at all. $150 with black Friday/cyber Monday on the way should be easy, especially since the resolution/size he needs is on the LOW spectrum

He barely looked and found a Dell ultrasharp IPS for under $150....... (why are you wishing him good luck when its not that hard ?).

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Try $250 and buy a samsung, benQ, etc. Don't settle for some cheap monitor. Just wait till you have another $100 and buy a proper monitor. Even get a 3D monitor. Your gonna have this monitor for years so don't buy something that will keep you wanting more.

Dell is more of a workplace/office monitor. Don't really look good for gaming in my opinion

Try this one

BenQ 3D

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@STAR_Admiral said:

Dell is more of a workplace/office monitor. Don't really look good for gaming in my opinion

Doesn't look good based on what ? Me and two other users have the monitor and its great (refresh rate is decent and the clarity/black colors look amazing).

The whole "gaming monitor" gimmick probably doesn't apply to the topic creator.

The man advantage of these so called "gaming monitors" is the ability for 120hz but I hardly doubt he has a PC capable of consistent 120FPS when he's only willing to drop $100-150 on a monitor....... (lets be real here).

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This is a build on a tight budget of $700-800. Monitors, OS, peripherals, the whole shebang needs to be acquired. All it's gotta do is run games at 1080, been playing on consoles all my life and I want to make a change. Of course a 120hz monitor would be gravy but I rather spend a quarter of that and use that $200 to go towards the rest of the build. Money IS a thing (as opposed to money ain't a thing). Thanks for suggestions guys. Really helpful.

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Get the s2340 it'll blow many other sub $300 monitors in terms of picture quality.