Looking for opinions on the Gioteck RX-05

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#1 Posted by MrYaotubo (2709 posts) -

Anyone here tried it? I have the chance of getting one for $60 so I´m just wondering if you folks can give me some feedback on it.

I read some reviews and for the most part they seem pretty positive but there are some not so much. I also saw in comments on reviews and youtube videos that some people seem to really strongly dislike Giotech for some reason.

I don´t have a lot of money to spend on a new headset so I´m leaning towards this one,so what do you guys think? Good,bad,orth it for the price? Better options out there in the same range?

Thank you very much.

#2 Posted by MrYaotubo (2709 posts) -

So I suppose no one has any experience with the headset around here?

Oh well,thanks anyway. :)