Looking for a decent cheap MMORPG

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Check out the topic title. I game on a Mac (yeah, not many... usually PS3/360), but I enjoy MMORPGs. Nothing in the $15 a month price range, if ye please. If you want, please share your thoughts on anything you find fun, or RuneScape, Dofus, et cetera. :)

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This list has a bunch of Mac MMORPGs. The only ones in that list that I have tried are Everquest (used to be severely addicted) and Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online (ran away befor becoming addicted). EQ has a monthly fee of $14.99, SMT:IO is free but with a cash shop.
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Anarchy Online for sure. Takes more brainpower to play than your average mmo.
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That list was awesome, thanks! I've heard a lot about Anarchy Online. Anyone wanna give me a tiny review?

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Oh, it's PC only. :(

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Hmmm thought it ran on mac as well.. Guess you'll have to wait for the overhaul then =) Anyway here are the monthly price tags: Free: AO, Notum Wars $5: AO, Notum Wars, Shadowlands $15: AO, Notum Wars, Shadowlands, Alien Invasion You can also join the Ark program and get a lifetime subscription for free with all expansions included. It does involve some knowledge of the game, customer support skills and a good amount of spare time but they are always looking for people to join the ranks as "mini GM's" =)
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Adding to my earlier post, SMT:IO has a very good community. I only played it up to lvl 10 or so, but it always had lots of people online, and as long as you're not a jerk in chat, they were all nice and willing to help a newb out by answering questions and giving pointers and advice. I never asked for power-leveling, but I never expect anyone to be willing to do that either. :P